What's Wrong with YOUR Website?

A Broken Record How I sound when trying to help
people with their websites

I'd say around 80% of the time someone asks for help on a website, there are a number of stock responses I end up giving -- to the point I end up sounding like a broken record. To see the exact same mistakes in coding, design and accessibility repeated over and over again is beginning to wear thin -- so I'm just going to list out the most common issues I see. From now on I will be linking to this article and just listing the numbers...

Follow the links below to go to each of the sections in the article.

*NOTE* for now only sections 1 through 4 have been posted, links will go live as each section is added over the coming week.

PART 1 - Layout and Design

PART 2 - Markup

PART 3 - JavaScript


PART 5 - Coming Soon

... when I get around to it.

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Also beware that some of these are still being rewritten, so the above list is subject to change.


  • elementals.js
    A lightweight JavaScript library focusing on cross browser support, ECMAScript polyfills, and DOM manipulation.
  • eFlipper.js
    An image carousel script using elementals.js
  • eProgress.js
    A JavaScript controllable progress bar using elementals.js. Based on the nProgress project that relies on the much heavier jQuery library.


Browse code samples of people I've helped on various forums. These code snippets, images, and full rewrites of websites date back a decade or more, and are organized by the forum username of who I was helping. You'll find all sorts of oddball bits and pieces in here. You find any of it useful, go ahead, pick up the ball, and run with it.