5 March 2017 - elementals.js 2.0 RC 2 and eSmooth.js
By Jason M. Knight (aka Deathshadow)

elementals.js 2.0 RC2

Release candidate 2.0 of elementals.js has been released. This includes one minor bugfix in relation to what _.queryAll returns, and a few 'new' features that are, well... they were extra code I just had hanging around so why not?

eSmooth.js Demo

Released at the same time is a new demo code some of you may like -- it's not my cup of tea but a few people asked for it, so here it is. eSmooth.js is a script using elementals.js to allow easy on-page smooth scrolling of hash links. It has several configuration options, and a halfway decent set of defaults. It works will in IE11 and all modern browsers, and gracefully degrades to normal hash behavior in unsupported browsers. You can also force support in older browsers with a global variable, but beware that forward/back history is currently broken in those browsers due to a lack of history.pushstate.

About the elemenatals.js 2.0 RC2

I was originally hoping not to have a second release candidate, but this past week -- the final week of RC1 before approval, several suggestions for additions and one change in behavior was proposed by my testing group. These additions actually led to the creation of eSmooth.js as it was a good place to directly test the various new commands to pull window scroll position data, as well as the Window.requestAnimationFrame and Window.cancelAnimationFrame polyfills.

For a list of what's been changed and added in RC2, visit the elementals.js changelog.


  • elementals.js
    A lightweight JavaScript library focusing on cross browser support, ECMAScript polyfills, and DOM manipulation.
  • eFlipper.js
    An image carousel script using elementals.js
  • eProgress.js
    A JavaScript controllable progress bar using elementals.js. Based on the nProgress project that relies on the much heavier jQuery library.


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