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Valenzuela Kitchen

Valenzuela Kitchen

There is a land where the pampas seems to stretch forever till it meets the quebracho forests, where the sea reflects the deep blue of the skies, and the waves lap the coastline scattered with olive and tamarix trees swaying in the wind. The Valenzuela model is the essence of South America where the colours of the landscape are as vibrant as its people- strong and vital... captivating... irresistible. An old sextant, a compass, an anchor, some nautical maps... memories of a land of navigators, sailors and explorers. Fishing nets, an amphora, and models of old sailing ships underline the marine theme. For those whose hearts long for the sea, who love to relax listening to the gentle creaking of fishing boats in a tiny port, gazing at the horizon, for those who are most at home in a kitchen flooded with sun and vitality.

Anyone who enjoyed the freedom of the open sea will find themselves at home when moving around a Valenzuela kitchen. Its authentic profile and polychromy created by using natural walnut wood captivate those who experience it every day. This country-style kitchen was manufactured with materials of the highest quality, such as marble and brass, subjected to treatments that enhance their value and ensure their outstanding resilience. The Valenzuela modular kitchen comes with electrical appliances of the best brands and related after-sales service.

Warm materials, stainless steel and brass shine in this kitchen, reflecting its beauty and versatility. A whiff of sea breeze and the smell of salt water: the natural stone border around the kitchen sink is supported by columns that recall ancient Corinthian capitals, while the bronzed brass handles are manufactured to the company's exclusive design, elegant, but at the same time, ergonomic and practical. The mainstay of the Valenzuela kitchen that immediately catches the eye is the hood over the cooking hob, carved like an authentic piece of art, made from naturally seasoned old wood beams. Another beautiful element with considerable impact is the delicately etched border on the glass doors of the kitchen dresser.

About the Manufacturer
Name: Marchi Cucine (Italy)
Profile: visit website

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