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You have just found the best up-and-coming place for those who enjoy the great taste of smoked meats along with the satisfaction of knowing that you turned a slab of meat into a tasty, fall-off-the-bone, moist feast that will make you the envy of friends and family.

Smoked Meats

I absolutely love barbecue. In my area I have try all the bbq joints since moving out here and have not been able to find the kind of que that I have been searching for. My favorite barbecue is ribs, pulled pork and chicken. My wife's is brisket, pulled pork and chicken. The local joints we have tried were good the first and maybe even the second visit, but after that, it just wasn't the same so we kept looking. One place that claimed to have an award winning chef/pitmaster closed its doors after just a few months. When the craving for bbq got bad enough we would go to one of the big chain joints and ended up spending a fortune for our barbecue fix that was only fair at best.

Smoked Meats

It is my goal to turn this site into a meeting place for all who love backyard barbecue and grilling. We will offer equipment and accessory reviews, recipes, how-to's, techinques for producing expertly-prepared smoked meats, as well as facts vs fiction when it comes to bbq and grilling. I know this is a tall order, in light of all the other excellent bbq sites that already exsist, but with the help of other backyard chefs, I know this can be a reachable goal. With this in mind, we invite everybody to share their successes and failures, their favorite techniques, a really great recipe for rub or sauce or whatever you think an up-and-coming backyard chef might find helpful.

Where It All Began

I am pretty sure that it is safe to speculate that barbecue started with the cavemen. When fire was invented, and cave folk figured out how much better cooked meat tasted over raw, bbq was born and it has been growing in popularity ever since. I'll bet it didn't take them cavemen long to start figuring out all kinds of different ways to prepare their mastodon ribs and mammoth burgers and the art (or science depending on how you look at it) of barbecue has developed and grown over the centuries.

Smoked Meats

Today I will bet we still enjoy barbecue pretty much the same way our ancestors did. Our noses lead us to meat slow cooked by a flickering fire that we tear into without knives and forks. We still savor the satisfied feeling of full belly with the grease, the goop and the sauce left on our face. The meat is exquisite - kissed by smoke and licked by fire. I'll bet your mother taught you not to play with your food, but that rule doesn't apply when you're digging into a plateful of tasty barbecue. BBQ is primal, elemental, sensual eating. It is pure carnal joy and just the way our ancestors enjoyed it way back in the day.

All For The Joy Of The Q

I know for me, there is nothing quite like spending a few hours slow cooking a rack of ribs or a couple of chickens or a brisket and smelling the arouma as it drifts on the breeze. There is nothing as satisfying as watching friends and family chow down on your barbecue and with barbecue sauce covering their faces, hear them rave about how moist and tender the meat, pork or poultry was. They are amazed at how much better it taste when it is cooked at home. For many of us, this is exactly why we bought our smoker. This is why we learn to become backyard chef's and refine our skills to produce mouth-watering, fall-off-the-bone tender cuts of meat.

Smoked Meats

So this website is not all about smoking or grilling. I want it to be about the satisfaction and joy derived from the self-expression and creativity of the average backyard chef. But just because the caveman learned to cook outdoors over an open flame doesn't mean that it is something that we inherited. And that's the purpose of this website. I hope and invite all the backyard chef's to vist, share their experiences - good and bad - and share their knowledge with those looking to get the most from their amazing barbecue experience.