How to Make Free Money Now


Do you need to make free money now and have you just spent hours searching online for accurate and honest information on how to earn a little extra online income without being scammed?

If you have been searching for ways to make extra cash online, then you came across the right website to help you to earn extra cash online! Like the majority of people, I also needed to make some easy extra spending money to help pay for my bills, buy food among other life necessities. So, in order to solve my financial problems (my fancy way of saying, that I ran out of spending cash fast and was going deeper into debt). I started to spend my free time researching "different ways to make free cash online" and sad to say, I was scammed for a lot of money by bad sites a few times!

But not no more will I be scammed (and neither, will you) because since 2006, I have been making a little extra online income from doing easy things to makes some extra cash (I listed them below). To share my good fortune I made this free money info site, (hence the domain name, I really do want to help you earn extra cash starting today without investing a cent or losing any of your hard earned money!

The only real investment that is required from you from any of the extra money making opportunities that I have listed below is that you put in a little of your time and effort daily (maybe a hour a day) to start making a online income. Notice that I never claimed that you will become a millionaire overnight (get rich quick or that I am a Guru) by following my suggestions. Any of the suggestions or tips that I listed, will help you make money for college, school, to pay bills, buy gifts and just about anything that you need an extra income for!

On this make extra money site, I have listed a few different ways to earn a extra income online. I made sure that there are no scams sites listed here, each and every site that I have listed has been thoroughly researched! They are the sites that I have been using for a few years now to make a monthly online income!

Make Easy Money
(Q) Is it possible to make extra money from the Internet?
(A) Yes, it is possible because there are plenty of free and easy ways to make cash online that only cost you your time and effort. Believe it or not, you can even make money even when you are not on the computer! This is commonly known as making a passive income online. If I can make a extra income online..anyone can!

First Free Money Making Suggestion

Probably the easiest way to make a little extra money is from doing free offers and surveys from free survey sites! Now there are plenty of legitimate free survey sites available online but there are also plenty of survey sites that are plain scam sites that are designed to waste your time and fatten their wallets, not yours! The following four established survey websites have proven to be extra money makers, year after year for me and thousands of active online users!


Below, you will find my suggested top paying survey sites listed in order. Yes, you can join all three of the site listed below or even just one of them and make extra money even if you are very limited in time that you can spend online. All three of these survey sites have been around for a long time and have been paying their members, regularly (once they have reached minimum payout!)

  1. REAL STAT A great paying survey site that pays your from Paypal.
  2. HEXEI Another good paying survey site to check out!
  3. DBP Our third pick for a survey site that pays you for your time.

Every site listed above requires no selling, no licenses, no surprise upgrades, just a willingness to put in a little time and effort online.

Please, remember, that this site wasn't designed to scam you...We want only to share your success...You will be making money FOR yourself, not FOR them (the scammers)!

If you are interested in or confused about the difference between doing surveys and belonging to Focus groups (info link).

Second Way To Make Extra Money

Get Paid To Visits Sites! Another easy way to earn extra money online is to get paid to visit sites! Yes you can even get paid to "surf the web" (visit sites)! Now, you won't make millions of dollars by visiting websites but this is another source that you can use to make extra money online! Pretty easy way to make some extra cash and the best part is that you don't have to do anything, you just have to visit their sites for a few seconds or more! This is a probably the top get paid to visit site for doing this, Visit Sites And Get Paid (this site pays by paypal)

Third Way To Make Extra Money

If you don't mind writing, there are a few great ways for you to make extra cash online! You can get paid to ask or answer questions, write products reviews or make your own blog (see suggestion #5) Make Free Money Now From Your Writing

Fourth Way To Make Easy Money

Selling your items on auctions sites is becoming a very popular way to make some extra money! You can sell your items locally or internationally (worldwide) on online auction sites. For more info and money making tips and easy step by step suggestions for selling your items online, visit How To Make Money From Auction Sites

Fifth Way To Make Easy Money

Do you know that you can make some real easy money just by shortening links? Yes, you can! This is a pretty easy way to make a little more free money especially if you have lots of outbound links on your website or blog! Especially links that go to other sites that are not yours! Or you can make money by using these link shorteners on your social sites like Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media sites! If this way of making some easy money passively (just post your shortened links and forget about them and hopefully make money months later from the same links!) catches your attention, well here is our Make Free Money From Shortening Your Links

Sixth Way To Make Extra Money!

Another easy way to make an extra income from the Internet is to have your own free web page or a blog! Even if you don't have the gift of writing! You can still set up a free blog or website and make a little online income! Who knows maybe it might turn out to be a full time income! All is take is a little time and effort!

A excellent tip is to start a website on a free website hosting company and to design it till you are satisfied with the look. Then when you start to get enough traffic to your site, have your website hosted on a domain! For more detailed free information, visit Free Web Sites or Free Blogs

Government Free Money

So far, I mentioned a few different ways to earn money online. Well, there is another potential way for you to get money online. How, you may ask, well, maybe your are entitled to a check (cheque) from your Government. The Government owes billions of dollars in Unclaimed Free Money and you might one of the people that is owed money from the Government. To find out if you have any Unclaimed Money, visit DOES THE GOVERNMENT OWE YOU MONEY

Free Money Now Saving Apps

As a bonus feature of this site, we have also researched and collected the best ten (10) Free Money Now Saving Apps for you to save more money from. After all, when you save money, you are also making money. Be sure to check out this page, we are sure you will profit from the free apps from, J.P.Morgan Chase, Master Card and and other well known businesses.

Free Money Prayer Requests

If you are a spiritual person and believe in the power of prayere and would like to make a "free money request, we just just added another page to this site. it is our "Free Money From God Prayers.

Free Business Start Up Guide

To add more value to this site, we have also include a Free Business Start Up Guide to help you to earn money from starting your own business.

Free Automatic Backlink

In order to become successful online, you need to get more traffic to your site! Generally, the more traffic you get, the more chances someone will buy something on your site and the more buyers, the more money that you make money online!

One of the main ingredients of getting more traffic is to get your site or blog to rank higher in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)! and a key factor in higher ranking is basically to get more backlinks to your site!

To be more helpful, which is the intention of this site we offer a backlink for free and very fast for your sites.

I Need Money Now!

We hear a lot of people saying, "I need money now"! Whether it is for starting a business, for educational purpose, for purchasing your home, emergency situation or any other work, all people need urgent money at some point of their time or other.

In such times finding an easy and reliable route through which you can lay your hands on some much-needed cash becomes crucial.

If you are in need of immediate cash for a work that needs urgent attention, then getting money through the shortest and simplest route is essential. In such cases, sorting out your priorities and looking through your expenses and totalling them should be your first priority. Once you have finished creating a list of expenses and the total money needed, searching for sources that could lend you money is your second step.

If you have savings in your fixed deposit or investments like shares, bonds, etc., then they could be a handy resource in these situations. However, if you have neither of these then finding other possible sources from which you can borrow money on a short notice is necessary.

Your family, relatives and friends are usually the first people you think of when it comes to borrowing money. There are many banks, firms and money lenders who also will lend you money. Banks lend you money immediately, however they do look at your credit score and how have you been as a customer before handing out the money. Filling applications, documents and going through the procedure normally takes couple of days, which can be too late, if you are looking for instant cash.

Payday moneylenders (they usually give you loan with no credit check till your payday) is also a good way where you can get money immediately. You can easily do a google search for these lenders online. However before borrowing money, look for all the terms and conditions. You might approach a moneylender and say I need money now and the lender might also hand you cash promptly, but beware of an exorbitant interest rate that can come into picture anytime and that can make repayment difficult. Always check the authenticity of the moneylenders through reviews on the online forums, before borrowing money.

In order, to keep this site up to date and a good resource to help you earn extra cash, we are currently researching more Future Extra Cash Making Site

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