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I offer writing services at reasonable prices. Article writing, Ghostwriting, copywriting, and Web content to get your web site seen.

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Ghostwriting, Web content, and Copywriting

I love the power of the written word and creative writing. It can be used to entertain, for marketing, to train and inform, or to record events we would rather not forget. As a ghostwriter I offer my services to people who for whatever reason are unable to put their great ideas or unique stories on paper. As a Internet copywriter I write articles and web content for the marketing your business online. I use SEO and internet marketing techniques to optimise your web sites so your web content works for you, attracts the search engines and turns interest into sales!

Copywriting services and Web Content

Optimised web content is the key to getting your web site seen

The internet has become central to our society in the 21st century and is vital for business marketing. But only too often clients create great looking web sites that highlight their products and services but give little attention to the wording, or web content - the most important factor on the page that will attract the search engines and get traffic to the website.

"A professional Internet copywriter creates web content and internet articles to attract traffic to your sight and turn visitor interest into sales"

Google finds your site by reading the text

Google can only read text. Images and graphics are invisible. So, if your web content has not been analysed or includes relevant keywords the chance of your soite gettting high on Google is greatly reduced. Also web content that specialises in marketing your brand, services and product ensures interest is turned into sales.

I offer offer a web site review to help you get your web site seen and working for you. Call me now, I would love to hear from you!

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Ghostwriter services

You do not hear about famous ghost writers all that often because by default they are meant to be invisible. A ghost writer takes the clients distinctive memories, stories or ideas and uses his writing skills, and publishing contacts, to create a book which will reach the appropriate target audience.

"A professional ghostwriter can turn your ideas, dreams and precious memories into the book you thought you would never see"

Why Use a Ghostwriter?

Authors may approach a ghost writer for many reasons. They may wish to tell of an experience in their life which they do not feel they have the skills to put into book form, or because it is such a time consuming project they may not be able to devote the time to it that a professional writer could. When the book is published it will be the clients name on the front of the book.

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