Caleb Reeve Portfolio

Hey There!

Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio! Here you will be able to review my skills, interests and a bio about who I am and what I aim for. I hope you find this informational and that this persuades you into thinking I am a great candidate to add to your team!

HTML 5 Markup

I have 1 year worth of personal experience in HTML markup. I have created multiple layouts and am currently working on a on a web layout for a colleague for his realty company.

CSS 3 Styling

Along with 1 year of HTML markup, I too have 1 year of CSS3 styling. I am currently learning more about the grid system that works with cross-platform designing.

LAMP Stack

Building a website, and hosting it on my local machine to better understand the process of maintaining and administering updates, and proper security techniques.

Linux Administration

I am currently working on taking a MOOC through EdX for linux administration. I have operated linux on a variety of personal systems. Flavors include Arch, Backtrack (Known as Kali Linux), CentOS, Debian, Mint, and Ubuntu.

About Me

I have learned a lot of these skills through personal interest. I thrive to learn new technology and methods to boost my productivity behind a keyboard. At the helm of my interests it has always been Linux. I absolutely love the power you have with the open source software that closed source software cannot rival. I enjoy tinkering with various languages that I would enjoy being proficient at, and would like to achieve getting my foot in the door with a company that is willing to help me exceed in such skills.


With all of the rapid changes in technology, it is hard to decide on the path to take to fully excel in one category. From gaming, to advances in AI development, and to electronics. I have a few arduinos that I have coded to do small actions, and I have repaired various chipsets for monitors and motherboards. I would like to learn more about developing electronical interfaces with the Raspberry Pi and the arduino for various things such as automotive gauges and various household appliances. I like the technical side of things because you not only get to build your project, but you get to see it in action!