Convenient, cost effective performance Lithium-Ion Power Nuvera

Boost your productivity

Comparison chart showing how one Lithium-Ion '1-pack' lasts as long as four or more 24 volt standard or wet-cell packs for less than two-thirds the cost!

Save over 80% on lift truck battery costs

You have a choice. Over a 5-year period, you can replace about four lead acid battery packs and maintain them regularly, or install a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery pack and save over 80% on lift truck battery costs.

When it comes time to dispose of worn out batteries, you have to disposeof 20 or more lead acid batteries over the life of just one lithium-ion battery pack, that's a lot less recycling waste.

60-Month 10,000-Hour Full Warranty

A warranty you can trust

Rest easy knowing that your lithium-ion battery comes with a warranty you can trust and the support of Yale's extensive dealer network.