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New Waves in 2012

Are you in pace with the latest trends in digital marketing? We offer a vast number solutions for web-based businesses... Site auditing, SEO, SMM, PPC, analytics reporting etc.

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*Staff experience since 2001, intense activity especially in the online travel segment.

Primary Services

Digital marketing services come in a wide array and below are just some of our main services...

Site Auditing

Thorough analysis of the website's indicators with special software tools, including visitor flow and bounce rate analysis, optionally conversion rate analysis as well.

The process takes 40 calendar days in total. A final comprehensive report with useful recommendations is released as a result of the study.

Targeted Advertising

The success of any online business depends on adequate client targetting. How to get clients who will actually buy from you? And how to attract as many of them as possible?

We will work with you in order to catch potential buyers and beam them right to your landing pages!

Industry Trend Reports

Want to know about the latest trends in the 4th sector of the global economy? Interested in statistics, key indicators and detailed reports?

We'll share valuable data and info with you and we'll let you know about the latest tendencies so that you can better adapt your business to them!

Courses, Training

Downloadable video and PDF courses, easy to understand slideshows are the most comprehensive for both beginners and professional business owners.

Stay tuned for our latest courses and online training programs!