Non-Select CSS Dropdown Demo

In IE8/earlier as they lack :target, this dropdown method will simply show the dropdown IN FLOW. This will work nicely if you are stacking them, not so nicely if you only plan on having the visible text shown. Again, legacy IE users should be thankful we think about them at all... If it works, fine. Don't piss yourself or your website over making them behave or look 'perfect' anymore - it is NOT worth the effort; well, unless you can get your client to pay double for it.

Nice thing is these don't need javascript to function, are actually links so non-screen.css users can still use them, search-engines can spider them, and being 100% styled with CSS, you effectively have 100% control over their appearance. Case in point I've added floated spans inside them with text-align:right on the anchors, so the prices can be made into a column on the right.