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Welcome to RGB Classic Games, a very simple web site about a very simple time.

A long time ago - back in the 1980s and early 90s - the best games were shareware... or more accurately the first few levels were free and you had to pay for the rest. These were the games my friends and I spent our childhood playing, which are now at risk of being lost forever because modern operating systems don't directly support them any more.

RGB Classic Games is devoted to preserving classic games for PC operating systems (DOS, CP/M-86, OS/2, Windows) and making it easy to play them on modern computers.

This particular classic gaming site has a specific focus; Thousands of shareware games were produced for DOS and like movies, books and anything else -- a lot of them weren't very good. Most sites aim for quantity while this site is almost exclusively dedicated to games that were distributed commercially -- excepting a select few games that were extremely good and achieved the same level of quality. Only the best games make it to this site.

We are attempting to include every version of each listed game. Continuous research goes into making sure that all of the information on this site is correct and up to date. You'll quickly notice that no other site on the web has all of these files in one place. RGB Classic Games strives to be the most complete, and accurate classic DOS gaming resource!

The highest ideals of this site are to support the authors by providing links to their web sites and ordering information for the full versions of games that are still sold. We also encourage the authors of classic games to preserve their works for future generations by making them available for sale or as freeware. If you enjoy a shareware game, please consider buying it from the author!

All of the games on this site are freely distributable because they are shareware, freeware, freely licensed open source, or because the Copyright holder has officially and legally released all rights to the public domain.

Coming soon:

  • Far Cry (Win9x)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (Win9x)
  • Grand Theft Auto (DOS)
  • MDK (DOS, Win9x)
  • Tomb Raider III (Win9x)
  • XIII (Win9x)

Latest News

10 April 2011

  • I am pleased to announce that we have replaced JPC with a Java version of DOSBox to make DOS games playable in your browser! Speed and compatibility are almost perfect in every game. Jump 'n Bump, Paganitzu, and Wolfenstein-3D are finally playable, and games that used to play slowly, like DOOM and Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, now play at full speed (assuming that you have a modern computer and browser). JPC's PC Speaker emulation has been replaced with full Sound Blaster sound! Now you can play Drum Blaster in your browser. And check out how awesome Duke Nukem II sounds! I'm adding new games as fast as I can (200 and counting!). Check it out!
  • Added Cyberdogs (DOS).
  • Added a Compilation CD: Even More Combat Games.

31 March 2011

  • Major Update IV: Phase V

    • Localization: The menus and parts of the main page have been translated into French and Spanish (pick a language from the side menu). Please check the quality of the translations, and feel free to translate the site into any other language!
    • To make the site even more universal, there are now icons for the game genres in the dropdown GAMES menu.
    • Many bugs have been squashed and typos corrected.
    • Oh, and since this is still a game site, I added some new games.
  • Added 3 games: Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition (DOS), Pinball Dreams (DOS) and Pinball Illusions (DOS).

7 March 2011

27 February 2011

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