PWF is a lightweight but powerful PHP web applications framework, a MVC implementation for object oriented programming.

Some of PWF's concepts are:

  • “Keep it simple, keep it clean”. PWF does not produce code, it is the environment that makes it easier to write clean code with clear architecture, with the smallest possible learning curve.
  • PWF has really small footprint. Although more utilities classes will be added in next versions, the core will always remain as small as possible, making PWF a very fast framework.
  • Clean logic on URL routing. The controller that is used in each request is selected through simple but effective rules and the method by the type of the request.
  • PWF is a framework that empowers database abstraction and usage with data – object mapping. PWF data classes and architecture makes it really easy to use data base in a unified way, making it easier to develop and maintain web applications.
  • A framework built for web applications that provides the tools for web forms management and makes the use of AJAX even simpler.

PWF improves security, has different ways of caching depending on the scope of it and many-many more. Discover PWF in this site. The easiest way to learn PWF is reading the “Getting Started” page and then the examples in the given order.


  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • mb_string
  • Apache with mod_rewrite
  • PDO (if _Data_Db used)

current version: PWF_1.0

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