Fourteen Design Creative - Web Design - Guildford

Services & Pricing

As every website is bespoke I offer you a detailed quote after discussing your web design needs. However, below are some services I offer and approximate costings.

Website Design

A bespoke website site of 5-10 pages with integrated CMS would cost between £550 and £750 depending on individual needs.


Uploading and hosting a site to make it live, costs £40 per year


I offer a yearly contract of £150 which includes website maintenance of an hour a month (on average over the year) or you can pay on an hourly basis at a rate of £15 per hour.


Wordpress is the Content Management system I use in sites which enable you to control your content by adding news posts. Integrated CMS into a bespoke site costs around £200 and is included in the Website Design cost.

I can also set up a website using an existing Wordpress Theme (either a free one or one that you purchase) for £150 (this includes hosting for the first year).

Any Wordpress prices quote include a free half hour lesson in using Wordpress (it's very easy).

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Reports

After a period of time (or if you have an existing site) you may wish to have a report detailing the effectiveness of your website. For £150 I can provide a detailed Search Engine Optimisation report analyzing whether your website is fullfilling it's potential. For example is your site ranking highly in Google searches? Where abouts are users visiting and leaving the site?