Paladin X Change Logs

Status ID Code Description
FIXED 00037 Non-optional after optional Database::prepExec
Removed = [] from $data in declaration.
FIXED 00036 non-optional after optional Load::loadExec
This apparently now throws an error in some version of PHP. Odd when 8.0 and 7.4 don't... added ="" to libs/squire.php in declaration of Load::loadExec
ADDED 00035 Methods "Database::duplicates(PDOException $e)" and "Database::errorColumn"
Added to PDO extension in preparation of implementing #00028
BUG 00034 Case Insensitive URI
Windows lack of case sensitive filesystem leads to case insensitive URI's.

Functions matchDir and matchFile added to lib/squire.lib.php in preparation for implementing case sensitive file_exists by using glob() instead, which returns the actual case based filename match regardless of host filesystem.

All the "file_exists" need to be replaced system-wide with one of these functions, holding off for next milestone major restructure to do this.
FIXED 00033 Double Slashes in URI
Set to reject http code 400
/lib/squire.lib.php Request::set
DONE 00032 Language Strings Missing
Create lang strings for users.create and users.edit errors
FIXED 00031 "notice" not in quotes in Settings::set
FIXED 00030 pageTitle assignment not working
"==" instead of plain "=" on pageTitle assignment
/actions/static/static.process.php line 20
FIXED 00029 gz handler busted php 8.
Underlying error in PHP regression causing problem. PHP 8 demands parameter count match when overloading system methods. Added dummy splat/spread to Database::query to resolve issue.

Also refactored gz routine anyways.
PENDING 00028 Add duplicate usernames and e-mails detection.
Implementation may require some rethinking of the structure and how Databsse handles things. I do beloeve I'll be adding a handler method to Database to parse the field of 1062's out of the errorInfo.

I want "name' and "username" to be mutually unique, as well as the e-mails. With mails I think it's a bit easier as I can just add them to a separate table to check against. This has the advantage of tracking all mails ever used by a user.
DONE 00027 UX issue with user edit/create/delete
A .splash section showing the result was used, and in practice just felt like bad UX. Switched to show the userlist instead with the result in the system "notice" section.
FIXED 00026 $_POST values should be trimmed
Form rejection used instead of sanitization
methods trimSame and trimSamePost added to libs/squire.lib.php
FIXED, REVISIT 00025 Logout from Admin goes to /admin, resulting in 404.
Redirected to "/"
Status ID Code Description
FIXED 00024 Username and password reversed in user creation
lines 18 and 19
CHANGE 00023 Support change for user.content.php
users.list.process.php changed to support #00022
CHANGE 00022 users.content.php changed to users.list.content.php
More consistent naming scheme.
FIXED 00021 Milestone comment bug
Was creating duplicate in one file due to bug in regex.